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UNN portal for accommodation will soon be activated. If you have just got admitted into UNN, and may probably need accommodation, then this will be a good opportunity to apply and get a good hostel. There are several advantages of staying in the hostel which will not be mentioned here;

For the benefit of the new students, you will see some useful information which will guide you while applying for accommodation in University of Nigeria.

Please Note the Useful Information below:

  •  The University has limited spaces for student accommodation.
  • The accommodation is allocated on a first come, first serve basis.
  • First Year and final year students are given high priority during allocation.
  • First years are allocated 40% of the total accommodation, final years 30% while others and special needs are allocated 30%.
  • All Nursing Mothers must apply for accommodation online and must notify the authorities early.
    (You are permitted to stay alone in a room or be two persons in a room).


Qualifications to Apply for UNN Hostel


To be qualified to apply for UNN Hostel, you are to satisfy the below:

  • You must have Paid all school fees till date.
  • Registered all courses online till date.
  • Possess the University ID card or have been successfully captured.
  • Possess and use the University student email address.

The above are for the returning students. If you are just a news student, you will have to pay your acceptance fees, print notification slip, pay school fees before applying for hostel accommodation.


How to Apply for UNN Portal for Accommodation


  • Log in to the UNN Portal
  • Enter your Matrix Number (Registration Number for old
    students and JAMB registration number for new students).

Unn portal for accommodation


  • Click on Apply for Bed space (Select Hostel and Room No)
  • Click on Apply.
  • Print the Invoice carrying your RRR number and proceed to the bank or make payment using
    your ATM Card.
  • Return to the portal and input your JAMB Reg number or Matrix Number ans click on Submit.
  • You will get response from them such as “Hello xxxxxxxxx, you have paid 2018-2019 Hostel Accommodation Fee with RRR number -.Kindly click on the buttons below.


Unn hostel portal


  • Click on Print Hostel Receipt.



All hostel accommodation invoices are valid for only three days after generation. (Any student
who fails to pay online within the three day period will forfeit the allocation).


How UNN Hostel Accommodation Receipt Looks Like

After completing the payment online, you will get another slip (hostel receipt) which you will use for clearance before entering the hostel. The document should contain information such as shown below:


Date of Printing:
Amount Paid:
Concerned Session:
Student’s Name:
Registration Number:
College / Faculty:
Student Level:
Student Reference Number:
Hostel Name:
Hostel Room No Allocated

Make sure that the room allocated to you is shown on the slip. This will serve as an evident during hostel clearance.


Challenges while trying to get UNN Hostel Accommodation on UNN Portal


  • If you have tried and did not get accommodation, do not worry. School will open the portal again as most rooms are later discovered unoccupied.
  • For the first year students, I will advice that you apply for a hostel and get a good place before planning to get a lodge outside the school. The advantage of staying in hostel are just too numerous to contain in this article.
  • I also want to add that getting accommodation is usually competitive. It is usually on a first come first served basis. The faster you are to log in and apply, the higher the chances of getting a good hostel.
  • The Hostel portal usually crashes due to high traffic from students trying to get hostel accommodation. This is the truth, an I must say it. But that should not make you relax yet. The portal are usually very flexible at nights. Let me now give you an expo.
  • Try at midnight hours after you have tried in the day and it did not work.
  • Also, Make sure you use a good working PC when applying.
  • Make sure that the network you are using is good. If possible, use MTN or Airtel. If Glo network is faster in your area, then go for it.
  • If you select a room and while trying to generate an invoice, another person has already got it. Do not worry. try another room. But make sure that you get one. 🙂
  • For the females, accommodation is usually competitive. So pay your school fees in time to access the hostel portal for accommodation.


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