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Have you heard of convocation levy? Do you know you can pay for UNN Convocation levy online on unn portal? If you did not know, do not worry. You will see a comprehensive guide on how to go about it in a few moment from now. The definition of a convocation is a formal gathering of people who have been asked to come together, or a formal ceremony at a college or university where awards are given. It is a group of people convoked, especially the members of a college or university community who are assembled for a ceremony. Other institution convoke her graduands. So it is not only in UNN. Consequently, all graduands are expected to pay the convocation levy in readiness for the convocation exercise. Now, how do we proceed from here?  

How to Generate and Pay for UNN Convocation Levy

  • Log on to the University Portal;
  • Enter your Student login details (Username and Password);
  • Click on Other payments and later on click on Pay Convocation Levy;
  • Select the Academic session.
unn convocation levy  
  • Proceed to Generate/ Reprint invoice;
  • Go ahead to Make payment using your ATM card or at designated banks. I believe by now you must known how to pay money at the bank with RRR.
UNN Convocation Levy   You will see something to similar thing below:  
SN PAYMENT TYPE Generate Print
1 Convocation Fee
  • Print Convocation Receipt;
  • Proceed to your Faculty Officer to collect your Convocation gown;
If you followed the above steps, then there should no be complaints about any issues. But before then, there are things you must note about UNN Convocation levy payment.
  • If you are a graduand and do not have an account, then you should visit the ICT, Zenith Bank building to have their accounts created;
  • If you are in the postgraduate graduand, you are to get your Convocation gowns using your Student account as stated above, and proceed to School of Postgraduate Studies for collection of their gowns.

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