How to Register Courses on UNN Portal Yourself

If you have been trying to register courses on unn portal, maybe as a new students or already a student, then this article if for you. In this article, we will see how to either register courses on unn portal yourself using a PC or using a Mobile phone. You do not need to be a professional to do this. If you can follow the whole guides here, then you can go ahead.

The University of Nigeria usually released the date for the registration of courses while the school is still in session. Most times, it is done around a month plus from the resumption date. Every student of the institution is required to register for their courses to be able to sit for the school examination.

But before we go into how to register courses on unn portal yourself, let us quickly treat others things here which most students may not know especially the new students.


  • Requirements to Register for courses
  • Duration of the registration
  • Why you need to register.
  • Penalty for Late Registration.
  • How to Register.


#1. Requirements to register courses on unn Portal:


Course Registration portal opens to enable students who have be unable to register their courses to do so, so that they can participate in their semester examinations.

  1. You will need a PC or mobile phone connected to the internet.
  2. You must be a student of the institution.
  3. Your school fees must have been paid in full.
  4. You should have unn student portal account.


Having seen that, let us see the duration from when the portal opens for course registration.


#2. Duration of the registration:

From experience, the duration most times is usually two weeks. Let us see a quick glance from the information from school in the following academic sessions: 2016/17, 2017/2018.

For 2016/17, The Opening Date: 10th April, 2017, while the Closing Date: 24th April, 2017.

For 2017/2018, portal opens on 28th March 2018 till 7th April 2018.

If you check the two duration above, you can tell the duration of UNN duration for registration of courses on the portal.


#3. Why you need to register:

From UNN website,

  • Any student who fails to register within this time frame is deemed to have forfeited the semester.
  • It will also make them participate in the semester examinations.

#4. Penalty for Late Registration of courses on UNN Course Registration Portal:

Late Course Registration which attracts a penalty of N500.


We should now see how to register courses.


How to Register Courses on UNN Portal Yourself


The UNN online course registration is done on the course registration page on the unn portal. The registration procedure is very simple and straight forward and you don’t need to make any mistakes. I have already shown you some requirements before starting the registration.

unn course registration


  • Log on to and fill in your Matric number as username and Password.
  • From the menu list on the left hand side, click on course registration.
  • Select the current session and same for semester.

Select Session
Select Semester
Current Year Of Study
  • Select each of the courses and make sure they are correct before you submit.
  • Print the course form and submit it to the appropriate persons in your department.



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