How to Pay Remita Using ATM Card | Complete Guide

Most of the students in Nigeria do not know how to pay Remita using ATM card. Some students after generating the RRR, take it to the bank to make payments before returning to the portal to make the payment. This should not be so especially if you have either debit cards with you. It can save you a lot of stress.

So how do you pay Remita using your ATM card is what we will see today.

These days, a lot of payments are made online. If you are a student in Nigeria, you must have used it once or twice. In this article, you will also see where you can apply the use of Remita in making payment as a student.

  1. Checking of Jamb Original result.
  2. Printing of JAMB admission letter.
  3. Change of Institution/course.
  4. Payment of your school fees, acceptance fees, hostel fees, and other forms of fees.
  5. JAMB regularization processes.
  6. Post UTME registration.
  7. Checking of some schools post utme results.


Those are just the few application where the use of remita to make payments are adopted. Now the questions of the day is how can you use your ATM card to make payment without visiting the bank?

Well, I will do my possible best to show you how I do mine. If you try it that way, you can achieve the same result.


How to Pay Remita Using ATM Card


Before you pay any fees using Remita, you will first have to generate the RRR code which will be used to make payment at the bank. Most schools or institutions have provided ways to generate their. This is usually done on the school website/portal after successful logging in to your personal account you created with them.

The generation of these RRR is personal. What do I mean? Everyone is tied to his or her RRR code. No two persons have the same RRR. It therefore means that, if you make payment with a wrong RRR, you will have to generate another to make another payment. please take note of this.

How then do you make payment?


Follow the steps below to see how to pay Remita using ATM cards.

  • Visit
  • Click on pay FGN and state TSA.


Pay Remita Using ATM Card


  • Wait for it to finish processing, and then move ahead to make your selection. If you want to pay any of the federal or state school fees, hostel fees, etc, then select Federal Government, state or as the case may be.
  • You will be asked a question: WHO DO YOU WANT TO PAY ?


Pay Remita Using ATM Card


  • If is is University of Nigeria, then go ahead to fill in the space. Options will be made available to you to make selections.
  • Go ahead and fill in the other details.
  2. AMOUNT TO PAY (₦) *

This where our attention is. We are to make payment using ATM card. So, select CARD.

  • After filling the form, make sure you select the Recapcha. Then click on Submit.

If yo want to reset the form, there is also an option to do that.


Another page loads which required that you input all the details of your CARD. They include:

  • Card Number
  • CVV
  • Expiry Date
  • Name on card



The number 5241 6701 …… is the card number.

The expiration date is 06/21.

If you turn the back of the card, you will see the CVV. It is usually 3 digits.


Complete the form and submit to process.

An OTP will be sent to the mobile number you used to create the account. After receiving it, input the PIN and click on submit to complete payment using ATM card.

You should also receive a debit alert from your Bank. Also, the receipt of payment will be sent to the email number used while filling the Remita Form. So check and print out this Remita Receipt and take it to the institution requesting for it.


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