GSP208 Past Questions and Answers [UNN]

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GSP208 Past Questions and Answers


Question 1

— governs every aspect of social life and human relationship, as well as social concerns and responsibilities directed towards the common and individual’s good as members of the human society.

a. law
b. social justice
c. rules
d. moral obligation

The correct answer is: social justice

Question 2

— is a term often used to emphasize the unique and distinctive aspects of peoples custom and belief.

a. culture
b. trait
c. art
d. ideology

The correct answer is: culture

Question 3

—— is the right a person have because he or she is a human being

a. human right
b. dignity
c. freedom
d. Liberty

The correct answer is: human right

Question 4

A person who lives in a particular country for a long time is known as_

a. association
b. senator
c. citizen
d. representative

The correct answer is: citizen

Question 5

According to the text, the British who colonized Nigeria, were not concerned about the welfare of their colonies, rather their eagerness was to maximize colonial—-.

a. evolution
b. solidarity
c. enemy
d. interest

The correct answer is: interest

Question 6

Another name for manure is —

a. jigawa
b. dajin
c. dashenbishiya
d. taki

The correct answer is: taki

Question 7

Citizenship can be acquired through the following except-

a. slavery
b. naturalization
c. marriage
d. birth

The correct answer is: slavery

Question 8

Forms of sexual perversion include the following except—

a. prostitution
b. abstinence
c. rape
d. adultery

The correct answer is: abstinence

Question 9

The transfer of goods or services from one person or party to another, and another good or for money is known as—
Select one:
a. trade
b. transfer
c. transportation
d. trade by barter

The correct answer is: trade

Question 10

Usan Ibom in the text means—-

a. worship
b. shrine
c. sacrifice
d. the plate of God

The correct answer is: the plate of God


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