UNN GSP202 Past Questions and Answers

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GSP202 Past Questions and Answers


#1. Peace Research as an academic discipline that focuses on the ——————————?

a. Creation of peace
b. Creation of Wealth
c. Creation of states
d. Creation of employment


#2. According to John Galtung, the three types of violence relevant to the understanding of peace include the following except ———————————–?

a. Cultural violence
b. Functional violence
c. Structural violence
d. Direct violence


#3. According to Simon Fisher (2000) those direct and indirect activities undertaken by anyone to understand a given conflict is ————————?

a. Security
b. Peace studies
c. Theory of conflict
d. Conflict analysis


#4. The conflict handling style that finds an expedient mutually acceptable solution, which partly satisfies both parties, is ———————————?

a. Collaboration
b. Compromising
c. Avoidance
d. Accommodation


#5. The broadening and deepening of the security agenda is known as ————————————–?

a. Food security
b. Critical security studies
c. Nationwide security
d. Social security


#6. A theory should have the following values except ————————————————?

a. Prerogative Correct
b. Predictive
c. Explanatory
d. Problem solving


#7. The belief that conflict is built based on the pattern in which societies are organized is ————?

a. Realist theory
b. Biological theory
c. Psycho-Cultural conflict theory
d. Structural conflict theory


#8. International Organizations exist and operate at the following levels except ————————?

a. Sub-regional
b. Global
c. National Correct
d. Regional


#9. The involvement of an individual by proxy in a conflict is called ————————————–?

a. Shadow party
b. Visible party
c. Primary party
d. Direct party


#10. The use of armed violence in the pursuit of incompatible interest is ————————————-?

a. Human right violation
b. Armed conflict
c. Arms race
d. Armed force


Answers to GSP202 Past Questions

  1. A
  2. B
  3. D
  4. A
  5. B
  6. A
  7. D
  8. C
  9. A
  10. A


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